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Discover Your Unique Organizing Style and Simplify Your Life

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels in the quest for organization? Despite your best efforts, things just don't fall into place, and the chaos persists. Here's a secret—it's not you; it might just be that you haven't cracked the code to your unique organizing style. Imagine if organizing your space could be not just effective but also tailored to how you naturally operate. The first step is understanding your personal organizing bug—yes, you read that right. Welcome to the world of Clutterbugs, where your individual style isn't just a quirk but the key to unlocking a more organized and stress-free life. Clutterbugs is the brainchild of Cassandra Aarsen, the visionary who redefined the world of organization. Breaking away from traditional norms, Cassandra discovered that organizing isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, she unraveled the existence of four distinct organizing styles. In her framework, each style is represented by a bug, capturing a unique blend of two organizing skills: macro/micro and visual/hidden. The brilliance of this concept lies in recognizing that none of these bugs is superior or inferior—they're merely different from one another.

1. Macro and Micro Organizing: The Big Picture vs. the Details

  • Macro Organizers (Butterflies & Ladybug): They thrive on organizing big, broad categories. Picture tackling the organizational challenge of Legos – macro organizers find it much easier tossing all of them into a single bin. Navigating through a larger assortment to find a specific piece doesn't faze. They would much rather put away something quickly and be able to move on to the next thing.

  • Micro Organizers (Bees & Crickets): They prefer categories within categories. Micro organizers would much rather take the time to put something away to find it quickly. Staying with the Lego example, a micro organizer would prefer to take it a step further and sort by color.

2. Visual and Hidden Organizing: Out in the Open vs. Behind Closed Doors

  • Visual Organizers (Butterflies & Bees): They love to see their stuff. In fact, they find joy in seeing their belongings and benefit from having things out where they can easily remember and access them. Pegboards or open shelves are ideal for them. For example, You will most likely find a visual organizer's cooking utensils in crock on the counter.

  • Hidden Organizers (Ladybugs & Crickets): Too much visual stimulation overwhelms them. They prefer their belongings behind closed doors or in drawers. A Micro organizer would prefer to store cooking utensils in a drawer, reducing how much they see on the counter.

In our home, we've got a mix of bugs—three out of the four types cohabiting under our roof. Each personal space is carefully designed based on the dominant bug that inhabits it. But what happens when multiple bugs share the same space?

Cassandra has a clever solution: Always default to Macro and Visual. So, let's picture this—a ladybug (Hidden and Macro) and a cricket (Hidden and Micro) coexisting. In this shared space, the organizational strategy would lean towards the ladybug, emphasizing the macro aspect. The same principle applies to a butterfly (Visual and Macro) sharing space with a ladybug (Hidden and Macro); the default choice is the butterfly, they share the macro so you would fault visual.

Interestingly, in a mixed bug environment, butterflies (Visual and Macro) always take the lead. A fun fact: almost all children fall into the butterfly category. It makes perfect sense. They prefer broad categories where their belongings are visible.  Now, picture a playroom organized with precision but in a micro and hidden manner—solid bins concealing treasures, crayons arranged in a systematic rainbow order, each color finding its special nook. But here's the reality check—these little explorers will inevitably flip bins to locate their desired toys. Expecting them to follow a meticulous micro system for tidying up? That's wishful thinking. Hence, keeping these organizing styles in mind isn't just handy but essential, especially if you want the space to be effortlessly maintained and enjoyed by its primary user.

Here's, the fun part! Curious to know what bug you are? Cassandra has a quiz that unravels the mystery of your organizing bug.

And here's a helpful tip from Cassandra: The quiz might be a tad misleading if you answer based on the type of bug you wish you were rather than what you genuinely are. Keep in mind that it's possible to be different bugs in different spaces, depending on the context.

If you're looking for more personalized guidance to dive into your bug and get your space working with your natural tendencies, I'd be honored to work together. Additionally, if you need inspiration for what organization might look like for your type of bug, check out my Pinterest inspirations, linked here.

Take the quiz below and let me know which bug you identify with!

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