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Eliza Uncluttered



Tired of the endless loop of organizing, reorganizing, and putting things away?

You deserve to live in a home you love. One that functions smoothly, efficiently and where everything has a place.


Organizing and decluttering has the power to make life easier. Eliza Uncluttered helps busy women like you take back your space, so you can feel more creative, relaxed, and at peace in home. 

Hi, I'm Eliza

I am a professional home organizer and mom of two. Before starting Eliza Uncluttered, I was a full time stay at home mom. I know first-hand how a cluttered home can be frustrating and overwhelming. It was through my decluttering  journey that I was able to find myself and gain a clear understanding on how to help other women. I focus my efforts to help women declutter and organize their home, so it is working for them not against them. By working with an individual’s organizing style, the space becomes easier to use and maintain. I love to help make room for the important things in their lives. 


Professional Home Organizing Services

You don't have to take on the clutter alone. You deserve a home that is clutter-free and organized, so you can have the time and the energy for the important things. I help women organize their physical space to clear their mental space. 

Virtual Organization

Get the same coaching, guidance, and support of a side-by-side session, but with a more flexible schedule. A Professional Organizer can provide expertise, support, guidance, and the accountability to help you finally get organized!


Eliza is kind and professional. If you are looking for someone who can help organize your workspace and/or home, without a fear of judgement (but who will keep it real), work with Eliza!

Tiana P.

She quickly put me to ease as she got excited with the possibilities of order....she never once made me feel bad for letting this get so bad in my home. She was motivated, which motivated me.

Meg R.

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