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Decluttering Made Easy: Embracing the Minimalist 20/20 Rule

The Minimalist 20/20 rule is a popular approach to decluttering and minimizing your possessions. Essentially, the rule states that if you have an item that you can replace for less than $20 and in less than 20 minutes, then you should get rid of it. This rule is great for when you have duplicates and just in-case items. You can tweak the rule to work best for your family, but still have it be just as effective.

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In our household, we've tweaked the 20/20 rule to fit our lifestyle with two simple variations. Firstly, living in a more rural area makes it difficult to find items in-store within the 20 minute deadline. So, we've modified the rule to be if we can find the item online in under 20 minutes and for less than $20 - it can go. Secondly, we have made an addendum to consider the possibility of borrowing the item from a neighbor or family member for free and if it can be obtained in a reasonable amount of time. By making these slight adjustments, we've found the 20/20 rule to be more practical for our home and family.

If you're someone who tends to hold onto things "just in case," the Minimalist 20/20 rule is a game-changer. We all have those items we keep around because we think we might need them someday, but more often than not, they end up collecting dust. The 20/20 rule encourages us to let go of that scarcity mindset and trust that if we do need those items in the future, we can always acquire them again. Give it a try and see how it can simplify your life!

The Minimalist 20/20 rule is a great method for eliminating duplicates and those "just in case" items. Remember it's ok to personalize the rule to fit your household, and it'll still be effective. If you are in need of professional help decluttering getting organized, I am happy to be your clutter coach! Together, we can conquer the clutter and get your home in order. Let's chat and see how I can help you declutter like a pro!

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