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Are you short on time and looking for someone to coach you along in your home organization project? Do you feel you can manage the process on your own, but would like some coaching along the way? My virtual organizing services might just be what you are looking for. Every client receives the same support, guidance, and coaching whether it is in home or virtual. Check below  to see if Virtual Organizing is the right fit. 

Is Virtual Organizing Right for You?

If the following applies to you, virtual organizing would be a great fit:

  • You’re comfortable using technology and have reliable internet services

  • You're self-motivated and are physically able to do hands-on organizing

  • You have limited time for on-site work

  • You prefer not to have a stranger come into your home to help

  • You live outside Eastern Connecticut area but you’d love to work with Staged by Eliza

  • Your budget doesn't allow you to hire an In-Home Professional Organizer

  • You need a Professional Organizer to provide expertise, support, guidance, cheering and accountability so that you can finally get organized

What's Included

All virtual organizing packages include hours your professional organizer spends virtually in your home, plus:

Complimentary Zoom Call

30 minute video chat, where we get to meet each other and see if virtual organizing would be a good fit. 

Product Recommendations

Tailored organizing product recommendations based on you and your space's needs.

Custom Plan

We will come up with a custom plan for your space based on your needs and your organizing style. 

100% Confidentiality

Having someone see your space can be intimidating. I guarantee 100% confidential and no judgment.

Email Support

Unlimited emails throughout our sessions.  For those times you might get stuck and need extra guidance . 

Follow up

30 minute video chat, after our completed sessions, to see how the space is working for you and if minor adjustments are needed. 

Virtual Organization 
Pricing Rates

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